It’s not easy to find a tax consultant who gets taxes. What do we mean by this? Well, as one of the top rated San Francisco tax consultants, we sometimes get a little philosophical about our job. Yes, of course, we prepare tax returns. As we get closer and closer to tax season, we get more and more calls from San Francisco residents who are looking for the best tax preparation service in San Francisco. Yes, of course, we prepare tax returns. That’s a little bit like asking an Uber driver whether she knows how to drive a car. Of course we do!

But, if you are lucky enough or shall we say unlucky enough to have tried to take an Uber in San Francisco during rush hour, you may realize that there are good Uber drivers and there are not so good Uber drivers. There are Uber drivers who know the shortcuts between downtown San Francisco and Interstate 280, and there are Uber drivers who do little more than look at their navigation and use the same streets that everyone else is trying to use in San Francisco. There are Uber drivers who are conversationalists and can ask you about yourself, and there are Uber drivers that really can’t carry a conversation. Some have very clean cars in are very orderly, in some are not so clean and not so orderly.

And none of this is to compare Uber drivers to Lyft drivers, or God help you, Uber drivers to San Francisco taxi drivers. There is quite a range in terms of skill sets and personalities when it comes to Uber drivers and persons who are engaged in taxi driving activities in our fair city.San Francisco Tax Consultant

Driving Around the Tax Laws as Tax Consultants Who Get Taxes

But what does Uber driver skills have to do with the skills for a tax consultant in San Francisco? Well, first of all, we are pointing out that there are just the basics, and if all you need is the basics you are better served at one of the big-box tax preparation services that pop up like mushrooms during tax season. But if you need a tax consultant who gets taxes, you need someone who is much more skilled. You need someone who doesn’t just use software, inputs and data, and outputs and taxes. You need someone who can really look at your tax situation and strategize with you on ways to reduce your taxes. You need a San Francisco tax consultant who gets taxes, and by getting taxes we mean a tax consultant who understands that his or her job is to comprehend the tax system in such a way as to minimize the tax bite.

Unfortunately in the tax preparation industry as in other industries such as Uber or taxi drivers, there are some people who are rather robotic and how they do their jobs. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that they are not particularly insightful. Then there are other people who really get into the Zen of it all. If you’ve ever driven around San Francisco, you know there is a kind of Zen and how to navigate the crowded streets and get from point A to point B in an efficient manner. And, if you have ever filed your own taxes or work with a tax consultant, you will realize that there is a certain type of Zen to how to prepare taxes efficiently.

Finding a San Francisco Tax Consultant Who Gets Taxes (and Wants You to Pay Less of Them)

After all, if you just want to pay a lot of taxes, it’s really easy. But if you want to look at the nooks and crannies of the US in California tax system and think out-of-the-box on how to minimize taxes, you need a tax consultant who gets taxes. If you’re looking for a tax consultant, call our offices today, because just as the busy streets of San Francisco get busy during rush hour, around tax practice gets quite busy during tax season and we can’t help everyone who would like to climb on board.