Google, the world’s #2 search engine, has released something very interesting for tax folks. A list of the 2014 tax trends, based on Google searches. We at Safe Harbor LLP, being in San Francisco, try to be tech-savvy and so we read this juicy study from Google with great interest. Here are some highlights –

  • Online, online, online. More and more people are going “online” to find tax services and tax advice. We know that, for sure, as we have a very active blog, are active on Google+ local, and Yelp, and we get so many inquiries from San Franciscans searching for the best tax service in San Francisco. They find us, we reach out to them and yes – we are a local San Francisco Bay Area CPA firm, but we are also online. So go online, yougoogle-logong man!
  • Search Queries Reflect the Online. The #1 search query? “How to file a tax return online.” The #2? “How to do small business taxes”?
  • Mobile Phone Searches. These are on the rise. We see this all the time from our Geary offices in San Francisco: the mobile phone consumer. Walking, even driving around, and using his or her iPhone or Android phone to find closest, friendliest tax service.
  • Spending the tax refund. Californians want to spend it on a vaction, whereas New Yorkers go for a new television.  Go figure.

You can read the whole Google article by clicking this link – 2014 Tax Season Trends: The Returns Are In.