We’ve done Thanksgiving. Overstuffed ourselves at Christmas and other winter holidays. Done New Year’s drinking, and now it’s time to “get serious.”

A tax accountant that works for you in San Francisco, California

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Many of us are at the gym. Some of us are on diets. And a few of the smart ones are focusing on the BIG GAME, and by that we mean taxes. Oh yes, sorry to put a dampener on things, but we’ve had the good times, and we have to be realistic.

Nobody likes tax. Heck, even WE have to pay tax! But from our point of view it does have one benefit: if there was no tax, we would have to find some other way of earning a living. However, the fact is that there IS tax, and the second point is that it is very, very complicated. So complicated, indeed, that this is why you need us as your tax CPA in San Francisco. It is our job to understand the complicated, and to insure that you pay the absolute minimum amount of tax. Not a cent more than you should do according to the law.

We All Have Specialties

We all have our own specialties. For example, you could be a tech genius and actually understand how to program computers. You could be a doctor or surgeon and know how to remove an appendix. You might be an electrician and know how to rewire a building. You could be a jockey and know how to persuade a horse to jump fences.

We have to put our hands up and admit that we are totally useless at all of those, and frankly wouldn’t even know where to begin. But we DO understand the tax laws because they are OUR specialty. We all do what we do best, and in our case, as your tax CPA in San Francisco, we know how to take care of all the figures and all of the tricky tax laws so that we can reduce your tax liability to the minimum.

Sure, we all have to pay tax, but there is no reason to pay more than the federal and state laws say that you should. Yet the shocking thing is that a huge number of people actually DO pay more than they are legally obliged to.

Yes, that sounds crazy, but it is because the law is so complicated. And that is why the IRS likes it that way. They make it complicated, and if you pay over the odds, as far as they are concerned it’s trebles all round at the office Christmas party.

As the foremost tax CPA in San Francisco, as far as we are concerned our job is to see to it that they can’t afford more than a coffee at their Christmas party!

Photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz via Foter.com / CC BY