Let’s be honest: we don’t know of anyone in San Francisco who enjoys paying taxes, even though it’s often referred to as the “People’s Republic of San Francisco.” It’s a bit like a trip to the dentist- it’s something that needs to be done, but we are not likely to get pleasure from it. This is why it is vital to get proper professional advice on your income tax return in order to ensure that you pay only the minimum requirement, and no more.

Tax Prep in SF.

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The Boy Scouts motto is “Be prepared” and it’s our motto too. The official tax deadline – April 15th 2018 – might seem a very long way off just now, but it is nonetheless not a moment too soon for income tax preparation in San Francisco.

We advise individuals and businesses on their federal tax liabilities and of those to the State of California. Individuals with high net worth have unique tax liabilities, in particular when living in one of the highest tax states like California. Recognized as one of the top CPA firms in the Bay Area, Safe Harbor accountants keep up to date with all of the latest legislation as it hits the statute book in order to keep our clients tax burdens to the minimum.

Liabilities In Other States And Abroad

Some of our clients also have tax liabilities in other states as well as California, while others have liabilities in other jurisdictions such as Canada and elsewhere, all of which involves filing multiple tax returns. Income tax preparation in San Francisco cannot be done a moment too soon if you have multiple tax liabilities, so it is best to talk to us right away in order that we can keep your tax payments to the minimum.

At Safe Harbor LLP we do not just work with individuals. We are one of the few tax preparation companies in San Francisco that is not part of a chain, and we work with S Corps, C Corps, LLCs, and partnerships of all types. We also work across a wide spectrum of different businesses including technology companies, auto repair shops, lumber merchants, restaurants, and a host of Mom & Pop businesses. Because of the wide variety of businesses for which we work, we have gained knowledge that we can put to use in any type of business in order to keep the tax burden to the absolute minimum.

We offer a totally free, no obligation consult to any individual or business owners to discuss their income tax preparation in San Francisco. Give us a call on (415) 742-4249 or email us on info@safeharborcpa.com and let’s make a start on seeing to it that you pay as little of your hard-earned money to the IRS as possible. Our office is out “on the avenues” on Geary Street, so we’re easy to get to from downtown and the entire city of San Francisco.

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via Foter.com / CC BY