September 20, 2012.

Professional Tax Preparation

Many people in San Francisco dread the annual arrival of tax season.  This is the time of year in the San Francisco Bay Area when a full and accurate assessment of the past financial year’s activities have to be accounted for.  Taxpayers are often reluctant to address this necessary task because of the perception that filing taxes is a difficult or time-consuming task.  Completing your tax forms can be a challenge, especially if you’ve neglected to manage your financial records over the past several months.  People with multiple streams of income or other unique tax needs may find themselves in need of a tax service for individuals.  How do you choose the best tax service in San Francisco to help you with this not-so-fun task?  Let’s review some tips.

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Choosing the Best San Francisco Tax Service for You

Choosing the Best San Francisco Tax Service

You aren’t alone in looking for the best tax service in San Francisco, CA; people start looking to hire an Accountant as the months begin to creep towards the tax filing deadline throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  In a way, this annual surge of interest in Tax Preparation is to your advantage.  In response to a rise in consumer demand, independent accountants and top-rated CPA firms like Safe Harbor CPAs begin advertising their services – especially services related to filing taxes.  Some CPA Firms are able to offer seasonal discounts or complete service packages at a special price during this time of year.

Know Your Tax Service Options

There’s more to choosing the best San Francisco tax service than finding the lowest price!  “Best” doesn’t mean cheapest!  You need to also shop for the specific services you need.  Don’t take for granted that an accountant will have the experience you’re looking for.  While all certified public accountants go through the same process to qualify for their CPA license, not all subsequently choose to practice in the same financial fields.  You’ll find all kinds of accountants at work in San Francisco.  As an analogy, consider the medical field.  While each doctor receives an equivalent education to every other doctor, one may practice oncology while another practices orthopedics, surgery, or neurology.  A San Francisco CPA may work exclusively with corporate clients and manage financial records that keep track of international business transactions.  Another may work primarily with small- and mid-sized businesses, and still another may focus on estate planning and household financial management.  Clearly, you have a number of options to consider when you are selecting an accountant to assist you with your annual Tax Preparation.

At Safe Harbor CPAs, we strive to be the best tax service in San Francisco throughout the year – not just at tax time.  We work with our clients in terms of record-keeping, in terms of looking for favorable tax deductions, in terms of advising them from January to January on all the t’s to cross and i’s to dot so that when it is tax time, when they are seeking that best San Francisco tax service…  we are ready.  Just like in the Olympics, success at taxes isn’t a one-day thing.  It’s a year-round thing and being advised by at top San Francisco tax service like Safe Harbor CPAs is like having a great Olympic coach.  (Just not as fun).

The Advantage of Experience for a Top San Francisco Tax Service

The task of preparing their San Francisco household’s taxes is a task most people don’t look forward to.  Even if all your financial records are in order, you may still feel uncertain of your ability to manage all the figures or correctly itemize each of your deductions.  IRS audits are often triggered by a taxpayer’s itemized deductions; for this reason, many people feel more comfortable with taking their taxes to a CPA for preparation instead of attempting to do it themselves.  A CPA with experience in tax preparation will be up to date on any changes in the state or federal tax code and can advise their clients on the best way to prepare taxes this year and in the future.

The Accountant that assists you with your next Tax Preparation will help you pay the correct amount on your taxes and can tell you if you’re eligible for any additional deductions.  He or she can also give you some very helpful advice regarding personal financial management.  With the help of a CPA tax season will become a learning experience instead of something to be dreaded.