Oh dear! The economy is crashing! The tech sector is going into a recession! Your employer has gone broke! What to do? What to do?

At Safe Harbor CPA, our answer is: Start your OWN start up, that’s what.Starting your own business can be scary, but VERY profitable!

Look, you may have spent years working for your employer and now suddenly, overnight, you are out of a job. Yes, your pension may be secure, but you have many years to go before you can get that. Meanwhile, you need to earn a living. So why not start a business in the same field? After all, you know what it’s all about because you have been doing it!

However, all you got was a salary. We bet your directors had nice big houses and posh cars though. So why not do what they were doing, but just do it better?

Yes, we know that starting your own business can be scary, because it is taking a step into a new world in the sense that from now on you are the boss! (And we should know because we have done it). If it doesn’t work out right, that’s now your problem.

But What If It Does?

But what if it does? You have the skills. You have the expertise. You may even be able to partner with one or two of your former workmates who also understand the business. And you can make a lot more money when you are a business owner than just another employee.

Growing Startups in San Francisco Need a CPA Firm that Services Small Business Startups

At Safe Harbor CPA, we are seeing a HUGE increase in start-ups here in San Francisco, and if you’re looking for a CPA firm that gets how start-ups work, we can help because we are one of the foremost start-up CPA firms in San Francisco. We love to work with start-ups and help them to get off the ground.

In fact, there are not many start-up CPA firms in SF who do what we do. The “big boys” are often only interested in working for companies with huge turnovers. But we are the opposite. We love to help small start-ups from the get-go and watch them grow. We take care of all the “paperwork” and can advise you of the best way to proceed so that your start-up grows into something that you may never have dreamed possible!

But the whole point is that it IS possible. Yes, you are going to have to put the hours in, but you are going to be too busy growing your business to deal with all of what many entrepreneurs regard as the “boring” stuff. Paperwork, books, tax returns, payroll – all that stuff.

So, as one of the few start-up CPA firms in San Francisco, let us deal with all that and help you grow, so that you, too, can become one of the “big boys” in your field.