Getting employee stock options can be great. It’s an important part of compensation for many San Francisco Bay Area residents who work in tech start ups such as LinkedIn or Zynga. The coming Facebook IPO will also generate many high value stock options. But…


San Francisco Tax Implications of Employee Stock Options


There’s always a but… If you’ve been offered or award employee stock options, employee stock purchase plan (ESPP), incentive stock option (ISO), restricted stock units (RSU) by your employers, our tax accountants can devise a tax strategy to make the most of them, and minimize your tax implications.


San Francisco is one of the highest tax cities in the nation, and California is one of the highest tax states. If you are seeking to minimize your income tax issues and getting employee stock options, talk to one of our CPA / tax specialists. Making money on stock options is great. Saving money on your taxes makes it even greater.