Fair enough, the Bay Area is not as big as the LA area. Nonetheless, it is home to what is arguably the most dynamic start-up scene in the US. We have loads of new businesses here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they all have one thing in common. That is that when they succeed, they begin to start earning good money, and the follow-on of that is that they are going to have to pay taxes.

Safe Harbor can save your business taxes in the Bay Area
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This then presents the business owners with an issue. Why? Because the last thing that you think about when starting any business is the amount of tax that you might have to pay. What you are thinking about is what you have to do to get the business off the ground so that it starts running profitably – which is why you started the business in the first place. So, you are concentrating on gaining income and making a profit and doing everything that you can to achieve that end. Taxes? Forget ‘em!

Unfortunately, You Can’t Forget Taxes!

Only, unfortunately, you cannot just forget taxes. If you do, the IRS is going to get very upset about it. So, at some point in your journey, you are going to have to take taxes into account and – worse still – start paying them. This is why you need to appoint us at Safe Harbor, as one of the top business tax CPA firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, to take care of the tax side of things.

Let’s face it, you have far too much to do running your new business than to spend time worrying about taxes, even though they are going to need your attention. As one of the top business tax CPA firms in the Bay Area, you can appoint us to look after all the “paperwork” so that you can carry on doing what you do best, and that is making money.

It is actually a very sensible way to proceed. Once you have your business up and running it leaves you free to keep earning money. At the same time, we are there to ensure that you keep as much of the money that you have earned as the law allows, without paying over the odds. Sure, you may have to pay taxes, but you want those taxes to be the absolute minimum that is required by law. If you don’t have one of the top business CPA tax firms in the Bay Area on your side, the fact is that you could easily pay too much tax – and that is not good.

So, let’s work together. You build your business, and we’ll keep your taxes to the minimum.