The Internal Revenue Service is a government agency, that certainly has its ebbs and flows in terms of workload. Let’s be realistic. The time from December to April is the busiest time of year for the IRS. Individuals and corporations must file their tax returns during this period, and the IRS help system is so flooded with inbound calls and inquiries that horror stories abound. In fact, IRS representatives often go up to Capitol Hill ends proudly testify, tongue in cheek, on the percentage of inbound IRS calls that are literally hung up on. The lower the percentage, the better the job the IRS is doing.

Taxes are the price that one pays for living in a civilized society, and the democratic process is the only way to change how the system works. But let’s be honest, here, as well. Politicians like to promise people what they would like to hear. On the one hand, the average person is not exactly enamored of the IRS, and so Congress tends to tie the hands of the IRS. On the other hand, people want many services from the government, and so the government has a never ending hunger for taxes.IRS Audit Defense in San Francisco: A Never-ending Threat

The IRS, therefore, is habitually understaffed, and yet pressured by Congress to bring in the revenue. This brings us back to the as inflow of tax work.

IRS Audits – the Spring Letters Go Out to San Francisco

Once April is done, quite frankly, it is not unusual to see a spike in IRS audit letters, going out to San Francisco Bay Area residents. Although we do not have dramatic seasons of those who live in New York City or New England, you can almost gauge the beginning of our own at Bay Area summer by the arrival of the panic when taxpayers receive threatening letters from the IRS. And, let’s face it. There isn’t anything that one receives from the IRS that isn’t threatening, except perhaps a refund check!

However those of us who live and work in the tax system are not intimidated by the IRS letters. It is simply the Internal Revenue Service doing its job, and our job for our clients is to defend them against the IRS and to substantiate every legal tax reduction that we can. Our job is to minimize tax liabilities to the fullest extent of the law, and amidst the complications, we have to often explain this to very harried and overworked IRS agents.

So, as May and June rollaround, if you are unlucky enough to receive an IRS audit inquiry letter, don’t panic. Just recognize this as the coming of the seasons, just as you recognize the browning Hills around San Francisco, not as a sign of a permanent drought, but as the beginning of the dry season. The rains will indeed come again (at least we hope). Similarly, these IRS audit letters go out, and we are known as one of the best places to turn for IRS audit defense in San Francisco.

A San Francisco Accounting Firm the Knows IRS Audit Defense

We are, of course, an accounting firm, but we work hand-in-hand with various law firms so that you have both the experience of accountants and lawyers when facing off against the IRS. If you are facing an IRS audit, please reach out to our office for help and an evaluation. Every situation is unique and different, so of course, you will need an in-depth evaluation for us to determine whether we can help you with our IRS audits defense services.

Our office is conveniently located on Geary Street in San Francisco, plus you can simply use our website to reach out to us via the Internet or call our office. Don’t panic.