Running a business in San Francisco is not easy! Heck, running a business anywhere isn’t easy, but especially in the city and county San Francisco. We won’t go into every strange aspect of running a business in this wonderful city. But bookkeeping, taxes, accounting – those are also tough in this highly-regulated, overtaxed city and state.

international tax preparation San Francisco

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Fortunately, as one of the foremost business CPA firms in San Francisco, at Safe Harbor we can help you through the myriad of complex laws and regulations. In fact, when we say help you, what we really mean is that we don’t simply help you to understand it and then let you get on with it. No. We take the whole lot off your hands – lock, stock, and barrel. What that means is that you can get on with running your business and earning money, while we get on with sorting out your accounts and taxes, and – critically – ensuring that every last cent is accounted for so that you don’t finish up paying a dollar more in tax than is legally required.

If You Try The DIY Route You Can Make A Real Mess Of It

It is true that some businessmen – and women – do try to deal with their taxes themselves, but the problem is that they can make a real mess of it. This is not because they are stupid, but because the tax laws are so complicated and hard for the man in the street to understand. The result is that they finish up paying more tax than is necessary because you can bet your bottom dollar that the IRS is not going to sort out their issues for them, so if they pay more tax, so what?

You can also bet your bottom dollar that the IRS is going to fine them if they get it wrong and make an underpayment as a result. Or don’t pay on time. Or make an error in the calculations. Or fail to understand that the rules changed last month and what was correct then isn’t correct now! As one of the leading business cpa firms in San Francisco, one of the things that we do without fail at Safe Harbor is to keep on top of every last little change in the rules and regulations. And they happen more often than you might think.

Seriously, trying to do your own tax return is like trying to knit a sweater if you have never picked up a pair of needles before. You would make an almighty mess of it because you simply don’t understand how to do all the different stitches.

You are far better off, both from the financial point of view and the amount of time you would waste sorting out your own tax returns and accounts, to let us handle that as one of the leading business CPA firms in San Francisco. That leaves you free to do what you do best, which is making money in your business.