If you are looking for a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to handle your tax affairs in the Bay Area, it is not necessarily a straightforward process. Finding the right CPA for you is not easy in San Francisco, CaliforniaIn fact, it is rather like finding the perfect husband, wife, or partner. You are a unique individual, and so is he or she. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to finding the right partner, and the same is true of finding the best CPA in the Bay Area. That is, the best one for YOU.

After all, who is to say who is the best CPA in the Bay Area? You might say it is the one who saves you the most amount of tax, and that would be fair. However, you might say it would be the one who charges you the lowest fees, and that is also a fair assumption. However, you might be totally wrong!

Let’s Do The Sums

Let’s do the sums (that’s what CPA’s are for, by the way!). You have a CPA who saves you $3,000 in tax this year, that you would otherwise have paid because you weren’t aware of all the legal loopholes. Another CPA saves you $1,500 in tax. That’s also good but not as good as the first one. However, the first CPA charges you $1,750 in fees and the second one charges you $1,000 in fees. So, after fees, your overall bill with the first CPA is reduced by $1,250 whereas your overall bill with the second one is reduced by $500. What would you rather do? Which would you say is the best CPA in the Bay Area for you?

As they say, it’s not rocket science.

However, here is the problem. If you just pick a CPA off Google how do you know whether he, or she, is going to be a good fit for you? It’s the same as finding that perfect partner: you need to meet each other and go on a date before your instinct kicks in and you can make a decision.

This is why, at Safe Harbor, we invite you to come on a date with us. And, by the way, we’ll pay for the date! Book an appointment with us for a totally free consultation. We’ll take a look at your books and at what you do for a living, your income, your outgoings, and so on, and advise you as to what we can do. Then it’s up to you.

If you think that we are the perfect match after our date, then you can hire us as your CPA. If not, no hard feelings!