The start-up scene in San Francisco remains vibrant. We get many inquiries from start-ups who have grown up. That is, they need advice for a good tax CPA for their San Francisco startup business.

 A tax CPA for start-up businesses
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When you are starting a new business there are a thousand and one things to think of and to take care of, and that means that probably the very last thing on your mind is going to be about how much tax you will have to pay. At Safe Harbor, as a tax CPA for start-ups, we understand that totally.

However, could we also advise you that taking a few minutes to consider your taxes right now instead of leaving it until later is one of the best things that you could possibly do if you want to pay the minimum amount of tax? You are going to have to pay tax when you start to make a profit in your business, but you do want to pay the minimum, don’t you?

We Can Give You A Lot Of Advice At The Outset

When you appoint us as your tax CPA for start-ups at the beginning of your business career, there will be a lot of advice that we can give you about setting things up in the right way so that you pay less tax further down the line. OK, you are not going to have to start paying taxes until you begin to make a profit, but you obviously want to be in profit as soon as possible.

But the point is this: if you set off on the right foot by arranging things in a specific way now, before you start to profit, it will mean that you pay less tax when you do begin to turn a profit. And that will make you happy and it will make us happy.

It very often happens that a new client comes to us a year or two after starting in business and we have to sit down and unravel a whole list of things that need not have happened if the business had taken our advice early in the proceedings.

Now, you are going to need a CPA anyway, so you would do best by appointing us now so that we can ensure that everything is set up in the best way possible from the tax point of view. As a tax CPA for start-ups, we know what to look out for. We can also get to know your ambitions for the future, and plan ahead. Paying the minimum amount of tax is all about setting up the planning as early as possible.