Well, it’s that time of the year: last minute tax filing issues. April 15 is just around the corner, and – inevitably – we get calls and email inquiries from San Francisco Bay Area residents are have ‘put it off.’ Since we specialize in being one of the best CPA firms in the San Francisco Bay Area for high income individuals, start-ups, and those with businesses, we do our best to help.

Here are some tips.

Tip #1. Don’t delay. Let’s be honest: don’t delay collecting the information necessary for filing your taxes, and don’t delay getting that information to your CPA, Tax Preparer or other individual. It’s too late for 2014 taxes, but looking forward to 2015, let’s work together to prevent this panic and rush.

Tip #2. File for An Extension. We help many last minute San Francisco filers, file for extensions. You have to pay the tax due, of course, but the actual tax filing can be done later. We can help.

Tip #3. Get organized, now! If you’ve put it off, hopefully you still have a few weeks or even days. NOW is the time to get organized. We can usually help with last minute tax filings, if we are given the materials as soon as possible. So start NOW, and get us what you need. That first phone call to us is important.

Tip #4. Look for a specialist. Even if you are a last minute filer, you still want a San Francisco CPA firm San Francisco CPA firmthat you can trust, and one with expertise. We are expert accountants for businesses, start-ups, and those with international (e.g., Canadian) tax issues. So, even if you’ve procrastinated, you still need an expert that makes sense for you.

Tip #5. Read the Reviews. Ask your friends or family for recommendations, but also pay attention to Internet reviews on sites like Google+ and Yelp. Our reviews are stellar (of course) and these speaks to our happy relationship with our clients from Marin County in the North to Oakland across the bay to the entire city of San Francisco.

Remember: in filing at the last minute, you are still filing, and all the rules apply. You need a tax expert who “makes sense” for your tax needs, and has the kind of reputation and skill that we do to make your tax filing process as easy as possible.
Once the dust has settled, our goal is to prevent this problem from occurring next year. We’ll work with you to have a record-keeping system and tax preparation schedule, so next year’s taxes will avoid the panic of the last minute.