Running your business is a full-time job. Whether you’re a downtown financial business, a taco stand in the Mission, or perhaps an Italian restaurant in North Beach, it’s hard. In fact, it’s probably MORE than a full-time job. Monitoring and figuring out your books isn’t probably high on your “fun” list. Yet it is a critical part of running any business.bookkeeper in sf

In fact, if you are like many business owners here in the Bay Area, when you started out there may have been just you on your own. Doing the books when you only have a handful of customers is no great issue and doesn’t take much time, even though – if you were like many at school – it’s math, and math isn’t a lot of fun.

However, as your business grows, you have more and more customers which, in turn, means more and more invoices, and you wake up one day and realize that you are spending an hour a day just doing the books when you could be doing something productive. Either that, or you do the books at home in the evening or at the weekend which eats into your leisure time.  Doing your accounts doesn’t actually earn you a cent, even though it is essential.

This Is Why You Need A Bookkeeper Based in San Francisco

This is why you need a business bookkeeper in San Francisco to do the books for you which will free you up to do something important like expanding your business and making more sales.

At Safe Harbor we can provide you with a business bookkeeper in San Francisco who can take care of all the day to day accounting, invoicing, and so on, so that you can spend your time looking after more important things.

Some people think of bookkeeping as akin to a gardener doing weeding. It is not productive because it doesn’t grow any flowers, but it is essential because if the weeds take over there won’t be any room for the flowers to grow. This is why wealthy people who love their gardens employ a gardener to look after them because then they do nothing except enjoy sitting in their garden in the sun and cutting flowers for the house.

Some business people also think that we are somewhat strange because we actually enjoy doing books and all of the computations that come with that, but – hey – one man’s meat is another man’s poison as the old saying goes.

So why not use our business bookkeeper in San Francisco so that you can concentrate on running your business? This has another advantage, because when our tax accountants come to do your end of year accounts the books will be in perfect order, so you will likely save some money on your tax return as well, because it will take us less time to do.