Now that the pandemic is passing, downtown San Francisco is coming back to life! It really is! Well, we trust so. We are optimists by nature at Safe Harbor and we are keen to return to normal life.

Downtown SF is coming back to life.
Photo credit: Derek Giovanni Photography via / CC BY-ND

Even so, some businesses are still working remotely, and as a tax CPA in downtown San Francisco we are OK with that. We are very happy to meet with any clients in downtown SF, and also on Zoom and online via Skype and so on. We are always ready to move with the times and talk to you in whatever way is best for you as the client.

What that also means for you is that we can handle your tax affairs wherever your business happens to be situated. You don’t ever have to get in the car and physically drive over to see us as your tax CPA in downtown San Francisco if you don’t want to. So, you can still have the best CPA for your business without leaving the office, or your shop, or your home, or wherever it is that you operate from.

We Understand The Trials And Tribulations Of A Small Business

At Safe Harbor we are a relatively small business ourselves, so we empathize with the trials and tribulations that a small business can suffer from when it comes to taxes. We all have to pay taxes, but we don’t like doing that more than anyone else, and our job is always to ensure that every client pays the absolute minimum that the law requires.

What that means is planning ahead. Our team will get to know you and your business, and what your plans are for the future. You may have plans to expand, as many business people do, or you might be a mom and pop shop and are happy with your present turnover. Even so, there are always things that can be done in order to reduce your tax burden. As a tax CPA in downtown San Francisco, you can leave that side of things to us. When we work with you and understand your business and your goals we will always have suggestions for ways of keeping taxes to the minimum.

That is because we are specialists who always keep bang up to date with the very latest changes in the tax laws. There are many changes which would go unnoticed by the man in the street, but which can often be used to the advantage of our clients, and that is why we take so much trouble to ensure that we are up to date. When we know that you are paying the minimum amount of tax, it makes you happy and it makes us happy too.