It’s “that” time of year again. 2021 seems to have flown by in a blur, and in Q4 most businesses are frantically busy – and not just in the retail sector.

 It’s year-end, and time to get help to minimize your taxes.
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Not only that, but the tax year for individuals ends on December 31st, and so you need to work on business tax preparation in San Francisco as well. Even though taxes for most taxpayers are not due until April 15th, it’s a good idea to get things sorted out in good order and not just leave everything until the last minute.

At Safe Harbor, we can help you with business tax preparation in San Francisco, no matter what sort of business you run. You may trade as an individual, or you may have an LLC, a partnership, an S corporation or a C corporation, but you still need to get to work on your taxes early in order that we have plenty of time to ensure that you pay only the absolute minimum that the law requires.

This is what we do as US tax specialists. We don’t like paying taxes ourselves, any more than anyone else, and so you could say that we are constantly at war with the IRS – not just on our own behalf but on behalf of every client we have. Our job is to wade and trawl through all the regulations to make certain that we never let a client pay a cent more than is required.

High Net Worth Individuals May Have Fingers In Many Different Pies

Of course, this is a very complex procedure, especially with high net worth individuals who have fingers in many different pies. This is because they may have to pay taxes in one situation and not pay them in another similar one because of the way in which they are trading. They may also have income from investments which are taxed at different rates.

In addition to that, in the US we have state taxes, of course, and these can vary considerably from one state to another. What may be taxable in California may not be taxable in Kentucky, or may be taxable, but at different rates.

You might also need help with estate planning so as to minimize taxes in both California and federal. And of course, you might also have income from investments or businesses overseas, or both. Indeed, many of our clients have businesses in Canada or tax liabilities in Canada, and as specialists in business tax preparation in San Francisco we can help you wherever your income originates.