Immigration is a mess in these United States. Everyone pretty much knows that, but few can agree on what to be done. Not so messy but still pretty complicated is the situation of legal foreigners in the United States, such as people who are Canadian citizens yet reside in the San Francisco Bay Area (albeit temporarily) and therefore owe US and possibly California taxes, as well as taxes back in Canada. Welcome to the USA! Now start paying some taxes, one might say.

Expatriate Tax Specialty for San Francisco Residents

Resident Aliens in San Francisco & Filing US TaxesAs a top-rated international tax service in San Francisco, we service many Canadian residents as well as other types of expatriates living in California and working. Many of these people are not “long term” US residents with green cards, but rather “temporary” workers who are brought down often by San Francisco, San Jose, or Oakland companies for temporary assignments. And by temporary we might mean a span of several years. So these expatriates end up with very complicated taxes: here in the USA and in their home country.

If you are care to self-educate, you can read the IRS literature on International Taxpayers.  It’s pretty complicated (even for us, and we’re experts!). But what usually happens is that the foreign resident of San Francisco goes through these phases:

  • Realization that they must pay USA taxes.
  • Anger, denial and all those fun phases.
  • Attempt to self-educate.
  • Reach for Excedrin or other form of headache relief
  • Identify Safe Harbor CPA’s as a top San Francisco CPA firm, specializing in International Tax.
  • Huge sigh of relief.
  • Free phone consultation and office consultation.
  • Realization that we have partnerships with accounting firms in Canada and other key foreign countries.
  • Relief.

Moreover, we know all about the FBAR and other sorts of requirements for US-based citizens or permanent residents. So even if you are a permanent US resident yet have tax exposure, we can help. We make International tax easy (well, at least easy for you).