If you own a business here in San Francisco, you need a San Francisco best-in-class tax service that “gets” what it means to run a business in this very, very tough city. It’s expensive. It’s costly. And heaven help you if you need to hire a workforce, and the labor market is beyond tight.San Francisco small business taxation service

There are so many aspects to running a business here in California, whether it is a one-person business or a much larger corporation. In fact, larger businesses tend to be somewhat easier to run because the owners/directors can afford to employ people to do various jobs such as running the payroll, making purchases, running the sales team, and so on, whereas if you have a small business you may have to do everything yourself.

And, of course, if you are like most business owners here in the Bay Area you will want to expand and grow your business, and that means making more sales. In turn, that means taking on more new customers/clients, so you probably begin to need a salesman or two. That means that there are more overheads, and so it goes on. If you’re looking for some free help on running a small business in San Francisco, you can visit the city’s small business microsite. The city even sponsors a San Francisco small business week.

You Run Your Business And Leave Small Business Taxes To Us

That is why we say, at Safe Harbor LLC, you carry on running your small business and let our business tax service deal with your taxes. For most business owners, even small business owners, taxes are a nightmare because they are just so complicated.

Trying to “save money” by doing your taxes yourself is not a good idea. Yes, you will save our fees. But do you really want to go home at the end of the day, have dinner, and then sit down, poring over books full of figures? For heaven’s sake, it’s math! And 90% of people don’t like math anyway.

Call us strange if you will, but we do like math. We get pleasure from juggling the figures with our business tax service so that our clients pay not a cent more in tax than they should do. We also keep right up to date with changes in the tax laws. They can change at almost the drop of a hat, so it is essential that we are always on top of them.

So, while doing your taxes yourself will save you our fees, it could also cost you a lot of money, because it is almost certain that you will be unable to get them spot on. Not only that, but it will take you time when you should be concentrating on your business, and you could make some very costly mistakes.

We have always said that, when you use our business tax service, if we charge you, say, $1,000 in fees and save you $2,000 that you would have otherwise overpaid in tax, you’ve just added another $1,000 to your bottom line. You know that makes sense.