February 22, 2012. San Francisco, CA. Safe Harbor CPAs, a leading small business CPA firm, announces a renewed focus on helping individuals with employee stock option tax issues. Many San Francisco Bay Area employees benefit from Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP), Incentive Stock Options (ISO), Restricted Stock Units (RSU) and other stock incentive programs from their employers. Safe Harbor helps these individuals to minimize the tax implications of receiving stock options.


“San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area generally are a hotbed of start up activity,” explains Chun Wong, CPA, managing partner at Safe Harbor. “With recent IPO’s of companies such as Zynga and LinkedIn, as well as other start ups, we are seeing many employees who are receiving stock options as part of their compensation. Stock options and incentive plans are great, but can have negative tax implications. We work hard for our clients to minimize the tax implications of employee stock options.”


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Finding a CPA Firm that Understands Stock Options


Even during the rush of tax season, Safe Harbor CPAs advises its potential clients to think carefully when selecting the best tax preparation service for them. The cheapest, for instance, isn’t always the best. In addition, a truly effective CPA firm needs to understand each client’s specific tax issues. Stock incentive programs and stock options are just one example of compensation that can have negative tax implications. Choosing the best CPA firm for a client means a CPA firm that listens closely to the client and researches that client’s particular needs.


Many San Francisco Bay Area residents receive stock options as part of their compensation packages. These are not just technology companies but companies in areas like Biotech or other start ups that have gone public and created stock opportunities for their employees. Safe Harbor CPAs is dedicated to finding the best tax advantages for its clients, whether they receive stock options or not. In researching the best CPA firm, the client should inquire as to the CPA’s expertise in dealing with stock options and employee stock incentive programs.


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