San Francisco, California – February 1, 2018. Safe Harbor LLP, considered one of the best business and corporate tax services in San Francisco, is proud to announce a new series to its blog on the Trump tax changes. Businesses and corporations throughout California and the San Francisco Bay Area are keen to understand the new tax changes going forward.

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“While the new tax law does not affect our tax preparation services for the 2017 tax year, our clients are keenly interested in how the next tax law will impact their corporations and businesses,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “Accordingly, we are announcing a to-the-point blog series on the Trump tax changes.”

To read the first post in the series on changes to the US tax code please visit the website. Subsequent posts will be uploaded to the blog over the next four weeks. Persons looking for one of the best corporate and business tax services in San Francisco should also visit the website. There, they can click on the black “Consultation” icon to request a consult via the Web form, or just call into Safe Harbor CPAs at 415-742-4249. With tax season in full swing, corporate and business types in San Francisco are urged to act fast if they are looking for a tax service for this current season. Those interested in exploring the impact of the Trump tax code changes can reach out for a one-on-one consultation at a more leisurely pace, as the tax changes do not impact the 2017 tax year.


Here is background on this release. While corporate America both in the nation as a whole and in the city of San Francisco has greeted the Trump tax code with some level of uncertainty and anxiety, the reality is that the complicated US tax code is an ever-evolving animal. Congress and the IRS make tweaks to the tax code constantly, whether through legislation on the part of Congress or through clarifications of the tax code on the part of the IRS. In addition, the situation of any corporation or business in San Francisco also changes. A small startup that had just a few employees may grow to a more substantial entity and require financial advisory services. A mom-and-pop restaurant may face a transition when the original owners grow old and retire. And a young thirtysomething may enjoy stock options from a booming Bay Area technology venture and need to “cash them out” to purchase a starter home in San Francisco. The skill of a seasoned accounting firm like San Francisco’s own Safe Harbor CPAs is to blend knowledge of the tax code (which is ever-changing) with the ever-changing situation of business and corporate clients.

Reading the blog series is an important first step in self-education. A good second step is to reach out for a consultation. Indeed, bloggers and journalists interested in covering the impact of the Trump tax changes on local San Francisco businesses are urged to reach out for interview opportunities.


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