August 7, 2018 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, considered one of the best international tax accounting firms not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but also throughout California, is announcing “OVDP readiness” efforts in light of the IRS termination of the OVDP (Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program) as of September 28, 2018.

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With a heavy international population, San Francisco and the whole Bay Area is replete with businesses and persons who may be impacted by this change.

“International tax issues are notoriously complex,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “We are getting client inquiries on the OVDP termination and people are looking for accounting firms with international tax experience in San Francisco that can help with last minute international tax compliance.”

To learn more about the firm’s international tax services, visit Those who may be facing OVDP issues are urged to contact the firm and pre-mention that they have international tax compliance problems. The firm is announcing prioritization of these inquiries so as to meet the IRS deadlines to the fullest extent humanly possible. However, the firm anticipates a backlog of people seeking international tax cpa firms with OVDP expertise and so is urging people to act in July or August rather than wait until the last minute. To learn more about OVDP issues, specifically, interested persons should visit the firm’s resource page at

There, they can click on the black “Consultation” icon to request a consult via the Web form, or just call into Safe Harbor CPAs at 415-742-4249. With the September deadline approaching, all persons who may have international tax exposures are urged to act fast if they are looking for assistance from an accounting firm with international tax experience.


Here is background on this release. First and foremost, San Francisco and the entire Bay Area is an international community. Many San Franciscans have business or property assets overseas, including monetary assets. They thus encounter US tax compliance issues. Second, many may work both in the USA and in their country of origin, thus creating very complicated tax exposures both in the USA and in their country of origin. So-called “expat tax return preparation” is yet another service offered by Safe Harbor LLPs to the San Francisco international community. Third, with recent Trump tax changes and others changes from Washington, it is pretty clear that the IRS is looking to do away with loopholes and special programs like the OVDP. Instead, it is clear the enforcement is being stepped up. For these reasons, persons who may have overseas tax exposure, are urged to reach out to Safe Harbor LLP and take advantage of its new readiness program vis-a-vis the OVDP.


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