San Francisco, California – March 10, 2020. Safe Harbor CPAs, a top-rated international tax accounting firm in San Francisco, California, at, is proud to announce a new post that is a “checklist” of issues to consider for Canadian citizens who may be contemplated living and working in the United States. expat tax return preparation for CanadiansAs one of the best accounting firms offering expat tax return preparation for Canadians not only in San Francisco but throughout California, Safe Harbor is uniquely positioned to offer this checklist.

“Of course no checklist can substitute for a consultation with a trained tax professional,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “However, we see many Canadian citizens who move from Canada to the San Francisco Bay Area and are unaware of the complicated tax situation that results from having income and assets in the United States and Canada. We not only offer expat tax return preparation services. We also can act as tax advisors for Canadians who want to minimize both their US and Canadian taxes.”

The checklist on issues for Canadian expats can be found at Interested parties are urged to read it in detail and contemplate their US and/or Canadian streams of income as well as asset allocations. That said, interested persons should take the next step and reach out to the firm for an individualized consultation. No two situations are the same and only a confidential, no obligation consultation with a tax advisor can begin the process of minimizing Canadian and/or USA taxes. Those who want to learn more about the company’s tax advisor services are urged to visit Those who want detailed information on expat tax return services can visit


Here is the background to the release. Many Canadians move to the Bay Area to work in its thriving technology sector. The next start up may be forming in San Francisco, today, and many Canadians want to join the entrepreneurial vigor of the Bay Area and contribute a Canadian perspective. The relationship is win/win for both Canadians and US citizens, but it can also be win/win for both the US and Canadian tax authorities. The new post helps Canadians think through the tax implications of residency in the United States and alerts them to the opportunity of working with a tax advisor to minimize the tax bite.


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