San Francisco, California – November 26, 2019. Safe Harbor LLP, an expert team of CPA’s in San Francisco, is proud to announce a new post for the Bay Area business community, specifically a newly updated page on business tax return preparation and steps to take as the year ends. Business Tax Return preparation in San FranciscoQ4 can be a busy time around the Silicon Valley area for the businesses. Holiday shopping and celebrations can keep small and large companies occupied. Nonetheless, a smart business owner should set aside enough time to meet with a skilled tax consultant and take one last look at a filing. The effort to make last-minute changes prior to year-end could maximize tax savings.

“We understand this is the time of year where San Francisco businesses are working overtime to support the holiday rush. It’s still beneficial to squeeze in a tax review by December. Smart business owners know they won’t regret doing it,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “Our team is ready to help them thoroughly review their tax returns. We’ve been known to catch some items that can minimize a payment right before filing.”

The San Francisco community can review the newly updated informational page for business tax return preparation on the website.
Safe Harbor, LLP is a team of CPAs expertly skilled in various tax issues, including corporate/business tax preparation, amended taxes, multi-state taxes, IRS audit defense, and international tax. Small-business owners and CFO’s can benefit from reviewing a 2019 tax filing before the New Year. Changes in the tax code and new regulations could affect a state or federal business tax return. Company leaders can reach out to a San Francisco CPA firm while there is time to make changes and gain an advantage. Interested persons can visit the reviews page at Both Google and Yelp provide five-star reviews and high praise for Safe Harbors’ professional tax consultants.
In all cases, the point of this announcement is to encourage San Francisco businesses to take advantage of Q4 tax opportunities by signing up for a private, confidential consultation on their tax planning needs.


Here is the background on this release. The winter season keeps employees on the go serving holiday shoppers. Staff can work overtime to restock inventory, support customers, and help manage activities specific to December. The added responsibilities could cut into a company manager’s time. The result could include pulling back on daily financial maintenance vital to business tax return preparation. A Q4 tax review might be put off until after the New Year. Filing business taxes at the last minute before inspecting the paperwork could result in unneeded financial losses. Speaking to a San Francisco CPA knowledgeable in current tax regulations might help catch costly mistakes.

Setting aside time to speak to a tax specialist before the New Year could help managers make valuable tax return adjustments. New regulations, current changes in tariffs, and SALT caps can all affect a financial portfolio. A resourceful CPA can point out spots in the federal and state tax codes where cost-saving changes can be made.

San Francisco managers in the thick of a busy holiday season might miss out on identifying important deductions and guidelines. Squeezing in a year-end tax review with a professional CPA in December can equal smooth business tax return preparation for 2019. For these reasons, Safe Harbor LLP has announced an informational page for business tax return preparation in San Francisco.


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