Updated: September 25, 2015. San Francisco, as we are sure you know, is a hotbed of entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to be the next Pinterest, or even the next Twitter (despite its current problems, including the lack of a CEO). Some “just” want to open up the latest new San Francisco restaurant, or dream of being an Uber. It can be a small business dream, a start up dream, or anything in between. It can be a family business, a sole proprietorship, or a investment-based startup ready to go public during the next Tech bubble.

The CPA Firm for Startups in San Francisco

We work hard and closely with many San Francisco startups, as the CPA firm for startups to help startups get organized, and be ready for their growth. We also work closely with many family-based San Francisco businesses such as restaurants that are not really ever going to be gigantic a la Uber, but still can be fun and profitable to run. And we work closely with many international businesses – small or large – that have tax compliance issues for US and foreign taxes.

San Francisco Business FormationWhatever your business objective, we can help you brainstorm the best business organization for you. We highly recommend that rather than pouring over the official IRS documentation, you reach out and contact us. Our advice can save you money and hassle in the long term, as we have “seen it all” when it comes to the types of businesses for San Franciscans!

Resources for New Businesses in San Francisco, CA

That said, here are pointers to resources on business formation and new businesses for San Francisco Bay Area residents:

  • IRS Business Structures. Straight from the horse’s mouth, an easy-to-read overview to sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, S corporations, and limited liability companies.
  • Chose Your Business Structure. The SBA (US Small Business Administration) has this handy page with in-depth articles on each business type.
  • New Business Registration. If you form a new business in San Francisco, you must register it with the city and county here.
  • Office of Small Business. Your “goto” resource from San Francisco on all the hassles, headaches, obstacles and occasionally help that San Francisco can provide to your small business.
  • San Francisco Business Portal. Information on small business, including how to do business with the City / County of San Francisco.
  • San Francisco Assessor. Find out the laws and regulations on business property (and its taxation).
  • Fictitious Business Name. Enjoy a fun-filled search for former and existing businesses in San Francisco that took your great idea for a name. Great to prevent choosing one that’s already been taken!

Again, remember that the above is a list of government resources. Stop by our office or give us a call to discuss what business form will be the best for your San Francisco business!