February, 2014, is just around the corner, and we are proud to post our February San Francisco Tax Bulletin. Highlights of this month’s edition include:

  • SEP Plans Go Separate Ways – Simplified employee pension (SEP) plans can be one of the most advantageous retirement plans for small businesses. Learn more.
  • Mixing IRA Distributions with Social Security – again, focused on the mix of retirement planning options and Social Security. Complexities and tax advantages abound. Learn more.
  • The “Other” April 15tSan Francisco Tax Bulletin, February 2014h deadlines – yes, April 15th is the official tax deadline, but did you know that there are other important Federal and State tax deadlines on April 15th?

We share our San Francisco Tax Bulletin first, of course, with our existing clients and then we post to our blog so that everyone who enjoys the San Francisco Bay Area can enjoy some light tax-oriented reading.  Happy February!

Download the PDF edition, here.