May is here. And so is our May, 2014, tax bulletin especially for San Francisco Bay area residents. Some of the highlights include:

  • Liquid Alts. These are “liquid” investments such as those by hedge funds, mutual funds, and ETFs.  They may or may not have tax implications.
  • Annuities and IRAs. Another investment topic, especially after the financial crisis, in which people are more and more interested in safe income. This fabulous article defines the terms and educates you a bit on the world of annuities and IRAs.
  • Expense Accounts and Taxes. A topic that only a CPA could love: what is a legitimate expense, and why, and how to properly record that income. If you are a frequent business traveler or you own a business and deduct business expense, learn the in’s and out’s of how to do this properly.

Now that most of tax season is over, you can go out and enjoy the beautiful Bay Area weather. It always seems that San Francisco’s weather is more pleasant in April and May, than in June and July; so enjoy our fabulous city by the Bay, before the tourists and the cold winds of summer arrive! To download the tax bulletin, simply click here.