As our year draws to an end, it’s a good time to think ‘for the long term.’ Our December tax tips newsletter touches on both investments and changes in health care.

Do you invest for the “long term?” You can, and should, although it takes discipline to not panic when the market is falling and/or to buy in when the market is at its nadir. Our December San Francisco tax newsletter has a wonderful in-depth article on the topic of “investing for the long term.” The reality is that volatility is back, and you need not panic if you take a long term view, have diversified assets, and rebalance your portfolio. While we are not investment advisers, we can advise on the tax implications of how you buy, hold, and sell stocks and other financial assets. Let us help you minimize Uncle Sam’s take of your hard-earned assets!  Secondly, we review QTIP  (qualified terminable interest property) trusts. With today’s diverse, or blended families, this type of trust structure can help you control the distribution of your assets among husbands, wives, and children and avoid an unfortunate usurpation of assets by a surviving spouse against your own children or wishes. It’s complicated, but call us and we can help with estate planning of any type, including how to minimize both Federal and state inheritance taxes.

December Tax Tips NewsletterFinally, we live in the era of the “Affordable Care Act” and its complicated roll out. This year, many businesses have been impacted by important changes in the health care laws and related tax penalties and benefits. The “Cadillac Tax” is a 40% excise tax on any excess benefit provided to an employee. We can help you review your employee benefits, and plan to minimize any tax implications. Sometimes we feel that the “Affordable Care Act” has been a blessing in disguise: it’s almost more complicated than the US tax code! Reach out to us for help with employee health care options and tax issues.

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