Tax credit or tax deduction? Which is better? Well, at first glance it’s a tax credit, but not always. In this month’s eLetter, we go into the details.  (To download the September eLetter, click here).

Getting Every Tax Deduction and Tax Credit for San Francisco Bay Area Residents: We Can Help

San Francisco Tax Tips - September 2017

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A tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction of the tax owed, and in some cases (e.g., the Earned Income Credit) can even get you a check from the US government. A tax deduction, in contrast, represents a deduction against income; so a $1000 tax credit is, essentially, $1000 in your pocket, whereas a $1000 tax deduction is really on the percent tax you’d pay on that income (e.g., 15%), depending on your tax bracket. Sound complicated? Well, that’s why we’re the tax professionals. As one of the top tax preparation services in San Francisco, we can help.

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