San Francisco is a destination hot spot for foodies from around the world. Keeping up with the latest and greatest gastro delights with those “in the know” can be a daunting task.

Photo credit: markus spiske via / CC BY

Photo credit: markus spiske via / CC BY

Did you think coconut water was the new thing? That’s sooooo 2015. This season, organic birch tree is the water of the moment. While you’re at it, forget to ask for wheatgrass in your smoothie and go straight to the chlorophyll powder. Although many new trends appear to be a bit strange, at least they are healthy. As usual, San Francisco eateries are happy to oblige. While restaurant owners are paying attention to the new Farm-to-Fork movement, they have to be focused on running the business side too.

Finding a Skilled CPA Firm for Restaurants

Searching for the right type of organically made turmeric-infused vinaigrette isn’t the only time-consuming task. Finding a skilled CPA for restaurants in San Francisco is also on the list. In one night, San Francisco cafes and bars around The City are constantly handling various types of financial transactions. Tips are not taxed the same as the rest of the bar tab. So is it being done right? And did you know that new temperature-controlled walk-in cooler storing artisan goat cheese could be worth thousands in deductions? How does a restaurateur keep up with the latest in food and tax laws simultaneously?

We Stay “On-Trend” with Restaurant Taxes so Restaurateurs Stay Focused on the Food

Our expert CPA team for restaurants in San Francisco understand the latest in “tax trends.” They are practiced in the unique culture of accounting for cafes, bars and restaurants of all types. The restaurant industry is diverse. Diners and chop houses can be different from world-renowned restaurants, yet any can receive an IRS tax audit letter. A CPA who knows the newest tax laws and money-saving deductions can help avoid a time-consuming tax audit for restaurants.

Savvy San Francisco restaurateurs know the skills needed to hire a trend-setting chef. Although hiring a chef may be a goal, hiring a full-time bookkeeper may not. If that’s the case, we have expert CPA’s “on contract” who can regularly handle the bookkeeping and restaurant tax requirements. Like nitrogen-infused coffee, a part-time accountant on contract is the current way of doing things. Our expert accountants can make handling taxes, daily accounting and bookkeeping as smooth as organic gelato. Trends may come and go, but a top CPA for restaurants in San Francisco is always in demand. If you own or manage a restaurant in San Francisco, reach out to us for a free consultation. We aim to be the best CPA firm for restaurants in the city!

Photo credit: markus spiske via / CC BY