As we approach the tax filing deadlines for 2019, it’s a good time to review the tax deadlines for 2019, especially for small businesses. Individuals, of course, need generally to worry only about their W2 income. It’s a good time to revisit your withholdings in light of how much of a refund you did, or did not, get for the 2018 tax year. With the Trump tax changes, many people have found that their withholding was quite a bit different. (There has been some political controversy about this). So, for individuals who have jobs, it’s basically time to readjust any withholding issues you may have.Business Tax Return Preparation in San Francisco, California

Business Tax Deadlines

Businesses, of course, are a different story. If you’re incorporated, then you have the upcoming business tax deadline on 3/15/2019, especially for S Corporations. You can browse a nifty online tax deadline calendar from the IRS, here. Here are some other deadlines that are coming up here in 2019 –

  • Friday, 3/15/2019. Deposit payroll tax for payments on Mar 9-12 if the semiweekly deposit rule applies. Partnerships: File Form 1065 and furnish a copy of Sch. K-1 to each partner. For automatic 6-month extension, file Form 7004. Deposit payroll tax for Feb if the monthly deposit rule applies. S Corporations: File Form 1120S for calendar year and pay any tax due. Furnish a copy of Sch. K-1 to each shareholder. File Form 2553 to elect S Corporation status beginning with calendar year 2019.
  • Throughout the month, other payroll tax deposit rules apply. If you’re using a payroll service, which most businesses do, then this should be done automatically for you.
  • Monday, 4/15/2019. Individuals: File Form 1040. For automatic 6-month extension file Form 4868 and deposit estimated tax. Pay the first installment of 2019 estimated tax – Use Form 1040-ES. Corporations: File Form 1120 for calendar year and pay any tax due. For automatic 6-month extension, file Form 7004 and deposit estimated tax. Household Employers: File Sch. H with Form 1040 if you paid $2,100 or more to a household employee.
    Corporations: Deposit the first installment of your 2019 estimated tax. Deposit payroll tax for Mar if the monthly deposit rule applies.

If you’re a San Francisco business, we can work with you on the various deadlines and requirements that you face vis-a-vis the FTB, IRS, and other tax agencies. Our job (after the dust of tax season 2019 clears) is to help you get on a systematic plan. Good bookkeeping, proper attention to deadlines and – ongoing, attention to how to minimize your tax burdens – these are our goals for our clients as we enter the 2019 year. Call us (after tax season, please) for a free consultation on our business tax advisory services.