We live, unfortunately, in an era of both Internet security and Internet security breaches. As an accounting firm, based in San Francisco, we pride ourselves on the use of technology. It goes much farther than using email, we have a secure upload feature on our website, so that clients can upload information to us. We also use WebEx clients via online meetings. Many of our clients either live in San Francisco or live elsewhere in the Bay Area, and rarely actually come to our physical office in San Francisco.

We all take for granted the convenience that the Internet provides. However, the Internet makes for a wonderful playground for thieves and scammers!

IRS Scams and Taxpayer Information

IRS Scams and TaxesFor example, recently the Internal Revenue Service was breached as part of their so-called get transcript application hackers were able to penetrate the IRS servers, and download previous tax returns by taxpayers. In this way, therefore, they have been able to falsify tax returns and in so doing to secure unjustified, illegal refunds.  You can read more about this security breach, here.

All of us, should do more to secure our information online. We work very hard with our clients to make sure that we use the most up to date security measures possible. We also advise all of our clients to monitor their credit reports very carefully, and to use antivirus programs on their commuters. In addition, one should be alert to the news media and the latest scams. These days, people will even call on the telephone, and pretend to be an IRS agent.

In this age of the Internet, it pays to be skeptical!