Well, it’s crunch time! No, not lunch time – crunch time! Tax deadline for 2019 is April 15, and we are still accepting new clients for San Francisco tax preparation services.

San Francisco Tax Service

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If you’ve procrastinated, well, shame on you! But we’ll help! Our goal is to get your taxes done in a timely fashion for 2019 and then work with you as your “new best friend” in a friendly, accounting sort of way, so that next year, you’re prepared (and so are we).

We don’t know -yet – what sort of business you are in, but whatever it is, you obviously don’t want to get involved with all the facts and figures that it is necessary to understand in order to deal with the (very complicated) rules of the IRS. You might even find doing accounts boring, but we don’t: we love it. San Francisco tax preparation is what we do, and we just love to insure that our clients pay the absolute minimum amount of tax possible, down to the last cent.

That means that we have to know the tax laws inside and out and be able to pin down every last loophole that you are legally entitled to use. We don’t like paying tax, either. Nobody does. So we get real pleasure out of being able to use San Francisco tax preparation laws to our clients’ advantage. Yes, you have to pay tax, but not a cent more than is necessary.

Multi-State Requirements

Perhaps you have tax liabilities in more than one state. You may even have them in several states, all of which have different laws. The US is not like, say, the UK, where the same tax rules apply wherever you live. Many of our clients are Bay Area businesses who arrive at our office with very confusing multi-state tax regulatory and reporting requirements, but that’s no problem for Safe Harbor because we can take that in our stride. Our CPA’s have many years of experience in working with S Corporations, C Corporations, LLC’s, and Partnerships of all types.

Our CPA’s keep up to date with all current California state legislation and USA legislation. However, we don’t necessarily know every last detail about every state, but that is not a problem because we partner with many other CPA’ across the whole country and in every state. This means that if we have a client with a complicated issue in, say, Alaska or Hawaii, we can get complex tax advice from one of our partners in those states. Equally, if they have a problem with San Francisco tax preparation for one of their clients, we can advise them. We all work together in order to insure the best outcomes for our clients.

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via Foter.com / CC BY