Tax time is here! You may need a top-rated CPA in San Francisco to do your taxes as they seem to get more complicated every year. This year, we have a number of unusual tax provisions due to the Pandemic, so you can’t just take your business taxes down to the big box tax guys. Taxes get more difficult by the year.You need a tax CPA in San Francisco who will look for every detail in order to save you money.

Let’s face it: nobody likes paying taxes, but unless you happen to be in a very low tax bracket, we all have to do it. However, there is absolutely no reason whatever to pay more than the law requires, whether that is federal taxes, state taxes, or city taxes, and yet an awful lot of people do pay more than the law requires because they don’t understand all the complications.

Keeping Up To Date With Legislation

That is why a big part of our job at Safe Harbor, as a leading tax CPA in San Francisco, is keeping up to date with every last scrap of legislation so that we can ensure that our clients pay the absolute minimum. Changes in tax law happen all the time, and not only do we need to keep up to date, but we also have to make certain that every client has the laws handled in the most efficient way for his or her tax return. So what might apply to one client will not necessarily apply to the next because their individual situations are different. In fact, no two clients are ever the same when it comes to taxes, which is why so many people choose to use us as their tax CPA in San Francisco because we always go the extra mile.

Indeed, we hate paying taxes ourselves, and we are pleased to say that we get a considerable amount of satisfaction – and even pleasure – when we spot that little something extra that will save you more money. If you like, it is an “us against them” situation – and we always like to come out on the winning side!

If you are starting a business, choosing your business form is important. It may even pay to change your business form. For instance, you could be a sole proprietor, but you may be able to save on your taxes by changing over to a C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, or business partnership. We can look at your overall tax situation and advise you accordingly. Furthermore, if your business is ever audited, we know how to help you with that as well. As a leading tax CPA in San Francisco, it’s what we do.