Have you noticed that some of the best restaurants in San Francisco end up where you least expect them to be? Down a small alleyway you can stumble upon a pizzeria serving the most sought-after pies in the city. Accounting firm for Start UpsIt’s easy to discover a charming little five-star bistros nestled in a small neighborhood. Of course, many restaurants are right where you expect them to be too. The popularity of such areas on the main thoroughfare also bring a predictable element to the experience. We tend to prefer better, unexpected surprises.

If you’re seeking financial services, maybe you’d be surprised to know that the best financial district CPA in San Francisco is actually somewhere else. You won’t find Safe Harbor tax consultants smack in the middle of the financial district. Our tax advisors don’t work in an office on Market Street or the Embarcadero. In fact, our financial experts aren’t even near that area. Safe Harbor’s office is located in the Richmond District on Geary Street. We reside in a great little spot surrounded by organic grocers and the best eateries around.

Finding a ‘Financial District’ CPA: Why Location Does Not Matter

If you’re wondering, yes, our financial professionals offer some of the usual backgrounds such as; personal income taxes, estate planning and IRS audit defense. Safe Harbor CPA’s also focus on the uncommon needs of high income earners such as duel residency taxes, LLC partnerships and multi-state tax. Best of all, we can handle special deliveries. If driving to a Financial District CPA doesn’t appeal to you, even if they are on Geary Street, we work virtually. Our tax experts can talk via email, phone and skype. If you have a specific situation that requires extra support, contact us and find out what we can do. Like any of the top restaurants in San Francisco, customer service is a specialty.

Remember, excellent services can be found anywhere in the city of San Francisco. Don’t expect to find the best Financial District CPA or accountant in the same place as all the others. Safe Harbor CPA offices are nestled in the Richmond District where you might least expect them. One thing you can expect is a unique team of tax professionals ready to surprise with top quality support for uncommon financial needs. Maybe after a visit with us, feel free to explore our neighborhood and discover the best little eateries in town!