Well, you’d think it’s a wrap. April 18 was the official deadline for individual tax returns in 2016, and we know that at least in our office located, of course, in San Francisco, that those last days were pretty insane. We try our very, very best so that our clients do not procrastinate, but nonetheless, a lot of things necessarily go to the last moment. So, you might be tempted to think that with the tax deadline for Federal and California tax issues having come and gone,  it’s a wrap.

It’s Not a Wrap: Taxes Never Really Stop!

But, at least for our clients, it is not a wrap. Or at least it’s not a wrap for us. What do we mean? Well, when you think about it, throughout the entire year you are earning income, whether you are employed, or self-employed, or you own a business, you are paying taxes such as your property taxes or your sales taxes, which are especially high here in San Francisco, California, etc. Business and income do not stop, nor do taxes! Our goal is to be the best tax service in San Francisco, and one element of this is that, for us, the game never ends.

San Francisco Tax Service

Photo credit: Derek Giovanni Photography via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

While the big-box tax services have ceased their advertising, and have acted as if once you get that refund check, it’s over, we do not subscribe to this mentality. Throughout the year, we work with our clients to keep an eye on the goal of maximizing income and on the goal of minimizing taxation.

A Commitment to Being the Best in San Francisco

Let us give you some examples of how a commitment to be the best tax service in San Francisco translates into a never ending commitment. First, for our ongoing clients, we are easily accessible by email or phone. Questions may arise throughout the year, for example, if you were to sell or buy a new business. We act as your financial consultant and you can pick up the phone and call us or tax advice for that type of decision. Second, we advise our clients on issues such as bookkeeping and record-keeping. Perhaps you are off to Las Vegas for a trade show, but we are here to remind you that you need to keep those receipts, and keep those records. What happens after April 18, 2016, will have an impact on those taxes that are due, next year in 2017. Third, we work with many expatriates and with their tax issues. Tax deadlines and other countries may be different than the tax deadlines in the United States, and compliance with many tax issues that impact international tax is a never ending affair.

So, in some, while many of the tax services are little more than pop-up stores, that pop up shortly before tax season and pop down shortly thereafter, like the pop-up stores that come and go in Union Square, we are more like an established store in the bay area. We are here to stay, and we are here to continue to provide the best possible tax services throughout the year.

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