It’s “that” time of year again, and we don’t mean Black Friday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, although it’s all of those.

Expat Tax Return Preparation

Nope, we don’t mean New Years either. We mean the time to get ready for individual tax return preparation in San Francisco. If you haven’t got a tax prep service, choose Safe Harbor.

Why? Because we don’t just provide individual tax preparation in San Francisco: we look at every possible angle that we can in order to reduce your tax liability to the absolute minimum. We don’t like paying tax ourselves, although of course we have to along with everyone else. But there is absolutely no reason to pay a cent more than the IRS or state requires, yet the sad fact is that a lot of people do because they either try to “save” a little money by doing it themselves, or they use a tax accountant who is not fully up to speed with every loophole.

We’ve always looked at it this way: if we charge you, say $700, for doing your individual tax preparation in San Francisco and save you $1,500 in tax, then you’ve just made $800 profit. That’s a pretty good deal, wouldn’t you say?

Many Of Our Clients Have Overseas Interests

We advise individuals, who are often high net worth individuals, who have special requirements here in high tax states like California. Many have interests overseas and may have tax liabilities in another country as well as here in the US. We can handle your personal tax return, minimizing the tax that you have to pay both to the Federal Government and the State of California, and reduce your tax liabilities to the minimum while maximizing the amount of any tax refund which may be due to you. We’re known as the “goto” accounting firm in California for expat tax return preparation and international tax issues.

Many of our individual clients have high incomes, stock options, small business incomes, and overseas interests, particularly in Canada, China, India, Israel, the Philippines, and Western Europe. Here at Safe Harbor we have become well-known in recent years as the best CPAs when it comes to expatriates, especially, although not exclusively, those with tax exposure in Canada. We also have contacts with a large number of other CPAs abroad, so we can call on them for assistance if needed, in the same way that they call on us for help concerning their client’s tax liabilities here in the US. Indeed, quite a number of our clients have to file tax returns not only here in the US but in other countries as well. Many also have tax liabilities in other states besides California.

Let’s face it: tax is complicated, and it gets even more complicated when other states or countries are involved as well, so it makes sense to use a CPA that keeps up to date with all the latest laws.

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