You know what they say? Size doesn’t matter. Well, that’s definitely true when it comes to accounting firms. Largest accounting firms in San FranciscoWhat matters is expertise, due diligence, and commitment to being the best accounting firm in San Francisco. That’s what we bring to the table at Safe Harbor.

Among the largest accounting firms in San Francisco are KPMG and BPM. They are huge. Does the fact that they have hundreds of staff make them the best for your business? The present firmwide revenue of KPMG is no less than $9.46 billion, while BPM lags behind a bit at a lowly $97.6 million – that’s with an “m”, not a “b”. That’s across the whole firm of course, not just the San Francisco branches.

Does that make them the best CPA’s for your business with $500,000 turnover? Or even $150,000?

Not only that, as the largest accounting firm in San Francisco, but you’ll also probably find that their fees are through the stratosphere. They may not be – we haven’t checked. Then again, do you want an accountancy firm whose bosses probably spend most days out on the golf course while leaving your tax affairs to a junior member of staff? Or do you want one where you can talk to the boss if you wish to, because he’s in the office all day, every day?

Size Isn’t Everything in Accounting Firms

Nope. Size isn’t everything, not by a long chalk. From your point of view as a taxpayer, the most important thing is a CPA firm that is dedicated to ensuring that you pay the absolute minimum amount of tax – both federal and state – that the law requires, and not a cent more. And that is our mission.

We have to pay taxes too, and we hate paying them just as much as you do. Of course, we make sure that our own tax affairs are perfect, but we get great satisfaction from ensuring that no client of ours ever has to pay over the odds. That is what we are here for and is why we take a personal professional interest.

Do you suppose that a junior accountant at one of the largest accounting firms in San Francisco is all that concerned about whether you pay $1,000 more than you should do? Quite probably, that member of staff is thinking more about his pay-check at the end of the month. It is really not going to make any difference to him, because if you decide to take your accounts elsewhere there are plenty more clients where you came from.

At Safe Harbor, we would be extremely concerned if we ever lost a client. You are our bread and butter, and if we do a good job for you it is likely you would recommend us to your friends in the business. That means that we would get some jam to go with it as well! That’s why we’re here for you: it’s a win-win as far as we are concerned. The only loser is going to be the IRS, and we are quite happy about that too.