Taxes are complicated. As tax advisors in San Francisco, at Safe Harbor, we get that. They are not easy. We get that. They are not meant to be easy. There are two main issues here. One is that the tax specialists who dream up all these taxes want to be seen to be “fair” so there are all sorts of different reasons why person A should pay tax on something, but person B does not have to because he or she has less income, different income, or whatever. Being seen to be “fair” is what the politicians may want because they want your vote next time around!

Finding a tax specialist who will work hard to reduce your California and federal income taxes isn't easy.

Governments everywhere like taxes. They seem to go up on an endless spiral, and yet we have met few clients who enjoy paying them. No one wants to pay more than their fair and legal share, and our tax specialists here in San Francisco can help you to pay your fair but minimal share.

This Is Why You Need Us

Those are all very good reasons that everyone should pay the minimum amount of tax that the law requires and not a cent more. And this is why you need us as your tax advisors in San Francisco because it is our job to trawl through all the legislation and make certain that you only pay the minimum amount. It is what we do. We are here for that purpose: to help you keep as much of the money that you have earned as possible. After all, you earned it. So, there is no point in giving away huge chunks of it to be spent on vanity projects if you don’t have to.

Now our services are not free, of course. However, we take the view – as do most of our clients – that if we charge you, say $1,000 in fees and save you $2,000 in taxes, you are suddenly $1,000 better off than you would have been without us as tax advisors in San Francisco.  

It’s a win-win situation. We make a living sorting out all the tax legislation as it affects you, and you pay less in the way of taxes.

In fact, the only “loser” is the IRS. And we don’t suppose that you care any more about that than we do!