If you do nothing else, listen to this advice: don’t try to do your tax return yourself. Unless you are a very simple W-2 income earner, you will drive yourself nuts! And if you own any sort of business in the Bay Area you would be crazy even to think about it.Trying to do your own tax return will drive you crazy.

Well, of course you would expect us to say that. Because we earn our living doing other people’s tax returns. But that’s not all of it. We earn our living because we have the skills necessary to do other people’s tax returns and at the same time ensure that they pay the absolute minimum amount of tax. That is what we are for.

As a tax advisory service in San Francisco, if we only did their tax returns and didn’t save them money, why would they use us? There would be no point.

Well, you could argue that using a tax advisory service in San Francisco would save them a lot of time, even if it didn’t save them any money, and to a certain extent that would be true. Because trying to find your way through all the legislation and laws concerning state taxes, local taxes, and federal taxes could take you forever. So yes, we can save you a lot of time.

That is partly because we understand the laws and rules, so we are not starting from scratch and trying to find our way through a maze. A lot of it is straightforward to us.

However, Everyone Is Different

However, you then have the situation that everyone is different. So, while we understand the laws, we also have to work out how to apply them in every client’s case. One law might apply to one client, but it might need a completely different section of that law in the case of another client. And that’s where our real expertise comes in and why, when you use our tax advisory service in San Francisco, we can save you money.

Let’s put our hands up here: we don’t like taxes any more than you do. We have to pay them ourselves, and it gives us no pleasure. But what does give us pleasure is using all the twists and turns of those laws so that we can save every client money and ensure that he or she only pays the absolute minimum. That makes us happy and gives us a great sense of achievement.

We can go home at the end of the day knowing that the IRS is not going to get a couple of thousand dollars that it would have done without our expertise.

That is what our clients pay us for.