San Francisco is an internationally renowned city with a large and diverse population to match. City locals come from all over the world for many different reasons. Some stay to conduct business for foreign companies, others come to experience the lifestyle or to continue an education. They are permanent residents, foreign nationals, H1B visas and U.S. citizens too.

International Tax

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Many locals not only speak several languages, but can have several types of income streams from inside and outside the United States. That means taxes can get complicated and international tax accounting in San Francisco has to be first-class.

Maybe a Bay Area resident can speak fluent Mandarin, but can they speak FBAR? That’s the language of foreign bank and financial accounts. Our international tax accountants in San Francisco understand the complexity of FBAR compliance. They know how to work with various income streams from foreign properties to personal businesses. Avoiding an IRS audit is the main goal but if it’s too late, our expert CPA’s can ensure locals pay the least amount of taxes.

Sometimes, a “tax language” may turn into a lost in translation nightmare. If a resident doesn’t follow the OVDP language properly, they could be unaware of violating IRS federal law. OVDP stands for Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and allows taxpayers to disclose unreported income from undisclosed foreign accounts and other offshore assets. Our international tax accountants in San Francisco speak the language fluently. We will make sure to keep the translation clear and legal.

International tax issues can get a San Francisco local in trouble and completely unaware until the IRS audit letter arrives. Instead of risking time and money by trying to translate tax issues alone, call us. Safe Harbor’s international tax accountants speak the language of taxes and audits fluently!

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We’re a San Francisco CPA firm for small business, we’re a San Francisco CPA firm for international tax, and we’re a San Francisco CPA firm for your business. If you need an international tax accountant in San Francisco, give us a call. We understand FBAR and OVDP taxes and audits. If you are foreign national, or U.S. citizen with overseas interests, our skilled CPA’s can help manage the complicated work of international taxes. We’ll work with you to manage any offshore or in U.S. income streams and ensure they are IRS compliant. If you’ve already received an audit letter, let us help you pay the least amount in taxes and penalties. One thing is certain, our international tax accountants in San Francisco listen. Call us today for a free consultation and let us listen to you, and your needs. We’re happy to help!

Photo credit: kenteegardin via / CC BY-SA