That word is only three letters long, yet it is probably the most hated word in the US. Seriously, have you ever met anyone who just loves to pay tax? Neither have we at Safe Harbor, as a leading tax CPA, SF. What’s more, WE have to pay tax as well!Tax CPA Firms in San Francisco

Now what we are going to say next may come as a bit of a shock, but there is actually one reason that we LOVE taxes!

Yes. We know.

Hear us out.

The reason that we love taxes is for the simple reason that they exist. What gives us pleasure is a good fight and coming out on the winning side. If there were no taxes, we wouldn’t have anything to fight! Our Managing Partner, Chun Wong, spent twelve years in the military because he loves to fight and win. Heck, we like a good fight against the IRS. If it wasn’t for the fact that we have to make a living, we’d do it for nothing!

That aside, we HATE tax and will do everything that we can to reduce YOUR tax to a minimum. Certainly, we all have to pay tax because the country couldn’t run without our money. However, the IRS is filled with people whose job is to try and grab the most money for the government that they can.

Think About This

Think about it this way: the government wants as much money as possible because that means they can spend it on whatever they like, including some on benefits for our citizens. But they only do that so that the citizens say what good guys they are and keep voting them into power. No problem with that. However, it also pours small fortunes into all sorts of weird and wonderful projects which benefit nobody. You only have to open a paper every morning to know that. Taking your money for that sort of thing is just a no-no as far as we are concerned.

But that is why the IRS has all sorts of complicated rules and regulations which are designed for the sole purpose of making them incomprehensible. If you can’t understand them, how can you argue against them?

That’s what we are here for as a tax CPA, SF. Yes, you have to pay your tax, but there is no reason on this earth that you should pay more than you have to just because you can’t make head or tail of the rules. That’s why we love to take up the fight on your behalf to ensure your tax bill is down to the last cent.

As a tax CPA, SF, we just love to fight them and win! It’s what we do!