There are some very big CPA firms in San Francisco and the Bay Area, among them PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and more. However, when it comes to your taxes, the biggest CPA firms in San Francisco may not be the best CPA firm in San Francisco for your individual needs.

A small CPA firm may deal with your taxes better

At Safe Harbor, we are decidedly NOT one of the biggest CPA firms in San Francisco. We are more of a boutique CPA firm, and there is a big difference, because we want to get to know every client as an individual and become friends. When you deal with the “big boys”, while you may nominally have an accountant who looks after your taxes, in fact it will be dealt with by someone down the chain whom you may never even meet. By contrast, while we are not one of the biggest CPA firms in San Francisco we strive to be the best for the needs of every individual client, and we treat them as individuals, not just another source of income.

Because we work on an individual basis, one-on-one, we get to know your individual circumstances and we can often spot something that someone toiling away in a small office whom you have never met would miss. And if that “something” could save you a couple of thousand dollars that is a far better deal than being able to tell your friends that “of course, my accountants are KPMG” or whatever. 

We Hate Taxes and Our Accountants Work Hard to Minimize them

We work together with you in order to ensure that you are required to pay not a cent more than the absolute minimum in tax for two main reasons. The first is that it is our job to see to it that it is what happens, and the second is because we hate taxes. That may seem strange coming from a CPA, but we really do hate paying taxes ourselves and we don’t see why anybody should pay anything more than the absolute minimum amount the law requires. This is why we work really hard to get your taxes absolutely spot on.

Let’s face it: if somebody calculating your tax return makes a mistake and you finish up paying over the odds as a result, you can bet your boots that the IRS isn’t going to tell you. Otherwise, why would it have issued more than $736 billion in tax refunds in the 2020 Fiscal Year? (,billion%20in%20Economic%20Impact%20Payments).

So, yes, at Safe Harbor, we are by no means the largest CPA firm in San Francisco, but we work very hard to be the best for you.