We love working with small business people here in the city of San Francisco. Having been around for quite some time, we have many clients who run mom and pop businesses here in the city, and who have revenues in the millions of dollars. What goes for a small business in San Francisco, you see, can actually be quite large!

Being a Great Accounting Firm for Startups

In the last few years however, we have become known as one of the better accounting firms or startups. San Francisco is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, especially, but not only, in the Internet and in the emerging areas of social media and apps. Often, a person will come to us with just a great idea, and he or she is literally going to quit their employment and start their startup. It may be a very small group of people, just three or four employees, or it may be a larger organization that has secured angel or venture capital funding. Even in those situations, they can find it advantageous to work with an accounting firm as they set up their startup and begin to engage in operations. For example, we can advise on stock options and buy sell agreements.San Francisco StartUp Accounting Firm

Why do we love working with startups? Well, we could say, that it is good business, which of course it is. However, it’s anyone’s guess if a startup is truly going to succeed, so sometimes we have to go into it eyes wide open with a passionate interest in the entrepreneurial endeavor itself. What’s interesting is to see the ideas that this startup has as a business, and then to work together so that we can assist on the business formation, tax planning, and other accounting setups so that whether it fails, or succeeds, we have minimized taxation and done everything in our power to maximize the effectiveness of each dollar in capital.

We Love San Francisco Mom-and-Pop Businesses, Too!

None of this is to say that we don’t love mom-and-pop businesses as well. Many times these businesses are San Francisco institutions, and they come to us for estate planning or transitional strategies as the parents passed down a business to their children. So, there you have it, we have both a traditional aspect here in San Francisco and a new, entrepreneurial aspect. Whether you are a startup or a mom-and-pop business, reach out to us for a free consultation on your accounting needs.