There are a lot of San Francisco CPA firms. There are big ones downtown. There are smaller firms throughout the city. There are one-man and one-woman shops that are “virtual” and either home offices or just digital.

San Francisco CPA Firms

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The reason there are so many is because taxes are so complicated and everybody and his dog has to pay tax.

At Safe Harbor we are somewhere in the middle of CPA firms. We are a smaller boutique firm here in SF with a real office and a lot of “virtual” services. But does any of that really matter to you? What you want is a CPA firm that will always go the extra mile in order to be the BEST CPA firm for you as an individual. That would be us.

When it comes to taxes, no two of our clients are ever the same. Everybody is an individual and has different tax needs. Your next-door neighbor could work for the same company that you do and you would both still have different tax requirements because your circumstances will differ. That is why we work for YOUR needs – one client at a time.

And Now We Have Coronavirus

Just to complicate the issue, now we have Coronavirus. Sure, the tax due date has been put off for three months until July 15th, but in case you hadn’t noticed, half of that delay has already gone! It’s only another six weeks to July 15th by which time you have to get your return filed and make a payment, after which interest and penalties will kick in. Even if Coronavirus goes away, the one thing that you can be sure of is that taxes won’t.

In order to safeguard our staff and clients during the shutdown and to abide by the latest guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control and other government agencies, most of our staff is working remotely and we have canceled all non-essential travel. Nonetheless, we want you to know that, as always, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service and that we are still working as a team for you. We are not going to let Coronavirus interfere with getting your taxes filed on time.

Of course, some individuals in San Francisco have tax liabilities not only to the United States and California State, but also to other states and in quite a number of cases to other countries – in particular, Canada – and these countries will have their own rules following Coronavirus. Rest assured that at Safe Harbor we keep on top of these things and can ensure that you stay compliant wherever you may have tax liabilities.

Photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz via / CC BY