New York, NY, created the nomenclature that many of us use for American citizens. So we have “downtown” and “uptown.” Here in San Francisco, we certainly use the term “downtown” as in “downtown San Francisco,” but we don’t really use the term uptown. Instead, people talk in terms of neighborhoods like “The Avenues,” or “Pacific Heights” or as we like to refer to ourselves “Outer Geary.”

Downtown San Francisco Accountant

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We’re physically located of course on Geary Avenue… but we have many clients who are in downtown San Francisco. Indeed, we have many clients who are in the startup scene and they’re actually not in downtown but in SoMa (South of Market). Go figure.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. So you’re looking for one of the best accountants in downtown San Francisco. Let us ask you why. Why? Is it because you want someone close to you physically? Perhaps you work or live near downtown and you think you need an accountant you can visit. But be realistic. How many times are you going to visit this accountant? We’re sure we’ll get along, and maybe even be “business friends,” but we doubt we’ll become besties. (Maybe we’ll become besties, who knows?). So realistically how important is it that your “downtown San Francisco accountant” actually “be” downtown? Not very.

Secondly, in this age of the Internet, we’re going to use a lot of high tech communication technologies. Like email. Ok, email isn’t very high tech, but we use it a lot. We also use secure document exchange, so you log in to a secure server and upload (or download) documents from us. And then there’s WebX video. We can (and do) a lot of video chats with our clients when we “need to talk.” And then (wait for it) there’s the telephone. This advanced technological marvel was invented in 1876, and we still use it. What we hardly use anymore is snail mail. We file electronically and we hardly mail anything anywhere.

But that brings us to the point. The best downtown San Francisco accountant for you ight actually not be in downtown San Francisco. He might be the accountant who’s using technology right – you know – sophisticated things like telephone and email. Reach out to us if you’re looking for a San Francisco accountant, and we might even become friends, or even besties. We can’t say for sure. What we can say for sure is that you’ll find the best-in-class accounting services offered by Safe Harbor LLP to be something to share with your downtown friends.

Photo by kenwalton on / CC BY