If you were at the San Francisco Symphony just before a performance and someone on the stage asked everyone who enjoyed paying taxes to raise their hand, how many hands would you expect to see?California

Well, you got that right! Not one! Nobody we have ever met actually enjoys paying taxes, yet it is something that all of us, except the very poorest, have to do. The sad thing is that so many people pay more tax than the law requires. Not that the IRS or California FTB mind, though. They won’t be in a tearing dash to tell you that you paid too much, and indeed, in many cases, they won’t even know.

Yet there is absolutely no reason whatever that you, or anybody else, should pay a cent more than the law requires. The issue here is that the laws are so very complicated, and that is precisely why you need the services of an expert tax CPA in San Francisco such as the team at Safe Harbor.

We Don’t Like Paying Taxes Either

No, we don’t like paying taxes either, and we make very sure that we never pay a cent more than we have to. This is because we know how to find our way through the myriad complex issues that arise. We also keep right up to date with all the latest ever-changing laws. We have to, because what worked last week might not work this week.

This is why nobody should try to work out their tax return themselves. We are all specialists in whatever job we do and calculating tax in order to ensure that it is the absolute minimum is not a job for the average man in the street. You need a specialist tax CPA in San Francisco for that.

One way of looking at it is this: we all have cars, and they need regular servicing. Now we have got two hands the same as everyone else, but we don’t try to service our own cars because it is a specialty. We take them to an auto repair service shop because those guys have the knowledge of how everything works and they have all the kit that is needed to check emissions and make certain that they are compliant, and they know how to tweak everything so that fuel efficiency is spot on, and so on. In other words, we are a lot better off letting them service our cars while we get on with what it is that we do best. And as a specialist tax CPA in San Francisco, that is saving our clients’ money that they might otherwise give to the tax man when they don’t have to.

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