Yes, yes. We know! But it happens to be true. At Safe Harbor, as a tax CPA, we love taxes! Let’s face it: without taxes we wouldn’t have a business. But because of taxes, we have a thriving business, and we are doing very well, thank you very much.Safe Harbor accountants love taxes!

This is for two reasons. First, the tax laws in California are very complicated, to say nothing of federal taxes and international taxes, the latter of which affects quite a number of businesses here in San Francisco. So, that means that business owners here really do not want to spend their time trying to work out their tax bills. They want to get on with running their businesses.

The second reason is that because of the first reason we get a lot of clients who need someone who understands all this “stuff” because they just want to get rid of the ghastly job of having to do it themselves. As it happens, we also get a lot of new clients who come to us through recommendation of existing clients, and that is because we love taxes! Because we love taxes, we get a kick out of finding any and every way that we can to reduce the tax bill of each and every client so that not one of them pays a cent more than the law requires.

We Love Taxes! (But We Hate Paying Them)

That brings us back to what we said earlier. We love taxes. We hate paying taxes, but that is an entirely different matter. (Yes, sadly, even a tax CPA has to pay tax!). But you can bet your bottom dollar that we make sure that we don’t pay a cent more than the law demands as well.

But we love the challenge. It keeps us on our toes, and it becomes something of a “game” making sure that we keep up with all of the latest changes to the tax laws – and believe us, they do change.

But we know all sorts of different ways in which a business can cut down on taxes, while still staying within the law. So, for instance, it might be that you could save on taxes by changing from an LLC to a partnership. Or the other way around. It would depend upon the type of business that you run, your turnover, and a whole lot of other factors that could be involved.

Buy that is why, as a tax CPA, we love taxes. In a way, we are like a doctor. A doctor deals with people who are ill, but he doesn’t like to see them ill. His whole purpose is to make them better. Think of us as the doctor for your business. We don’t like to see you paying too much tax, so our job is to make certain that you don’t.