If there is one thing that is certain in this world it is that – Covid-19 or no Covid -19 – governments are not going to stop charging us taxes. If anything, they are likely to put them up to pay for everything that has been going on in this pandemic: they are certainly not going to go down! California, the federal government, even local tax authorities here in San Francisco – they are still hard at work collecting taxes!accountants

Of course, nobody likes paying taxes. This is partly because, while they do spend money to provide a lot of good and necessary things, they also seem to slosh it around as though there is a bottomless pit of it and spend an awful lot on things that appear to be pointless to the average citizen. In fact, there is an almost bottomless pit, and it is called you – the taxpayer.

However, just because you have to pay taxes there is no reason whatsoever to pay a cent more than the law demands. Yet there is also no doubt that many US citizens do pay more than is required, and this is because the laws are very complex indeed, and the average man in the street can never understand them.

This Is Why You Need Our Accountants

This is why you need us at Safe Harbor as your personal tax accountant in San Francisco. Our expertise lies in knowing the tax laws inside and out and being able to weave our way through your own income and outgoings in order to see to it that you claim every cent of expenses that you are allowed to, and never pay too much tax. As your personal tax accountant in San Francisco, that is what you pay us for and that is what we do.

This is why we gain so many new clients as a result of personal recommendation. We have said it before, but it is worth repeating: if we charge you – say $1,000 – and save you $2,000, you just made a profit of $1,000. That’s $1,000 that you wouldn’t have had if you had tried to do your taxes on your own or hired a wet-behind-the-ears young accountant just starting out who isn’t familiar with all of the complexities in order to “save money”!

When you hire us at Safe Harbor as your personal tax accountant in San Francisco, you will be allocated one of our team of experts to take care of your accounts. However, we do work as a team, so if one of our team has a query about something, he can ask the other team members so that between us we come up with the right answer.

To us, that makes sense. We don’t like paying taxes either and we certainly don’t want our clients paying over what they over to the IRS, to the State of California, or the City and County of San Francisco.