As we get to the end of the year, it’s fitting that our final newsletter of the year focuses on retirement (which is, so to speak, the end of the earning years of most people). (To download the December eLetter, click here)

San Francisco Tax Tips 2016 December

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Retirement Planning

The first big article is on retirement, specifically annuities. It identifies what financial professionals call longevity risk, which (you have to love accountants!) means that you “live too long.” Living too long can be a problem – really! You can outlive your retirement assets. Annuities are one possible solution to this “problem,” and the Bulletin overviews some of the tax issues, especially using “pre” or “post” tax dollars to purchase an annuity.  Secondly, the newsletter dives into foreign stocks which, on the one hand, may have higher returns than USA stocks but, on the other hands, may have complicated tax issues. We’re San Francisco’s experts on international tax, so reach out to us if you have foreign investments, holdings, or other business interests! Finally, the newsletter concludes with some discussion of the business side of running retirement plans for employees, with a focus on “automatic” plans. Happy Holidays and we’ll be back in late December with our January, 2017, eLetter!

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