With Spring in the air, it’s time to turn to taxes and businesses. Accordingly, our March, 2017, eLetter has some interesting reads for business owners and high income individuals about taxes, retirement, and Medicare. (To download the March, 2017, eLetter, click here.)

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Taxes and Businesses

Our March eLetter is all about businesses. We have many business and small business clients in San Francisco, who are looking for the best small business accounting services. But the truly smart small business owner or CEO will also keep him- or herself informed about the bigger tax picture. First up, the stock market. As stocks have soared to new highs in the early weeks of the Trump Presidency, people are concerned as to whether this can continue. Who knows? No one can predict the future of stocks. However, high income individuals and business owners who manage retirement plans can take steps to hedge their bets by investing in bonds and in cash. Second, the eLetter reviews 401(k) plans for small businesses and the “Safe Harbor” provisions. We do a lot of retirement planning and accounting assistance for SF businesses, so reach out to us if you have questions! Finally, those who are eligible for Medicare need to know their A, B, C, and D’s. This month’s eLetter explains how smart tax planning can minimize required contributions to Medicare.

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Photo credit: Matt Biddulph via Foter.com / CC BY-SA